Tampa Red Volume 4 DOCD-5076

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Tampa Red Vol 4 DOCD-5076.jpg

Tampa Red Complete Recorded Works in Chronological Order, Volume 4, 14 July 1930 - 24 October 1931

Tampa Red
1. You Rascal You [No. 2]
2. You Rascal You [No. 1]
3. Have You Ever Been Worried in Mind, Pt. 1 (Sweet Papa Tadpole, vocal)
4. Have You Ever Been Worried in Mind, Pt. 3 (Sweet Papa Tadpole, vocal)
5. You Baby Can't Get Enough (Sweet Papa Tadpole, vocal)
6. Keep Your Yes Ma'am Clean (Sweet Papa Tadpole, vocal)

Tampa Red And His Hokum Jug Band
7. You Rascal You
8. She Can Love So Good

Tampa Red
9. Bear Cat's Kitten
10. Unhappy Blues
11. Jealous Hearted Mama Blues
12. They Call It Boogie Woogie
13. Toogaloo Blues
14. Jinx Doctor Blues
15. Boogie Woogie Dance (guitar solo)
16. Bumble Bee Blues (guitar solo)
17. New Strangers Blues
18. Georgia Hound Blues
19. Things 'Bout Coming My Way
20. Cotton Seed Blues
21. Stop and Listen Blues
22. Down in Spirit Blues
23. Sad News Blues
24. Depression Blues