The Broken Wedding

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The Broken Wedding-Emry Arthur
G position, standard tuning

My heart is always filled with sorrow
Just weeping as the days go by
For when I think of my true lover
I just hang down my head and cry

I was engaged once to be married
I had in view a happy home
But my parents, they broke up my wedding
That's why I started out to roam

They said someday I would be sorry
For she would turn her back on me
Then, I'd wish to God that I was single
But nevermore would I be free

Oh, since we are no longer sweethearts
This world it seems so sad and blue
For, all I do is sit and wonder
What's left on earth for me to do

Oh, the nights they all seem dark and dreary
And all the days seem long and blue
For, it's hard to lose your own true lover
When your love is good and true

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