The Death of John Henry

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The Death of John Henry--Uncle Dave Macon & Sam McGee
Uncle Dave, banjo and Sam, guitar

People out West heard of John Henry's death
Couldn't hardly stay in bed
Monday morning on the East-bound train
Goin' where John Henry sits dead, oh Lord,
Goin' where John Henry sits dead

Carried John Henry to the graveyard
They looked at him good and long
Very last words his wife said to him,
"My husband he is dead and gone, oh Lord,
My husband he is dead and gone."

John Henry's wife wore a brand new dress
It was all trimmed in blue
Very last words he said to her,
"Honey, I've been good to you, good Lord,
Honey, I've been good to you."

You talk about John Henry as much as you please
Say and do all you can
There never was born in this United States
Another such a steel-driving man, good Lord,
Another such a steel-driving man

John Henry hammered in the mountain
'Til his hammer caught on fire
Very last words I heard him say,
"Cool drink of water 'fore I die, oh Lord,
Cool drink of water 'fore I die."

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