The George Mitchell Collection, Volumes 1-45 - Sortable Track Listing

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For commentary on tracks see The George Mitchell Collection Keys and Positions

Tuning / position column content varies depending on guitar tuning. Where the guitarist is in an open tuning column shows the common name, Vestapol (open D/E), Spanish (open G/A), Cross note (open Dm/Em). Where the guitar is in standard tuning the column shows the 1st position I chord.

To group entries by tuning / position, click the arrow box on the column heading.

1-01Cecil BarfieldLucy Mae BluesGA-76Albany GA
1-02Cecil BarfieldI Woke Up CryingGG#76Albany GA
1-03Cecil BarfieldLove BluesED76Albany GA
1-04Cecil BarfieldI Told You Not to Do ThatGA76Albany GA
1-05Buddy MossIn the EveningED+63Atlanta GA
1-06Buddy MossHey Lawdy MamaEC#+63Atlanta GA
1-07Buddy MossThousand Woman BluesAG63Atlanta GA
1-08Buddy MossBlue Shadow FallingEC#+63Atlanta GA
1-09Buddy MossCold Rainy DayEC#+63Atlanta GA
1-10Buddy MossAmyAF#+63Atlanta GA
1-11Leon PinsonMotherless ChildVestC#-67 09/18Cleveland MS
1-12Leon PinsonSomebody is Calling My NameVestC#-67 09/18Cleveland MS
1-13Leon PinsonWhat God Can DoGE67 09/18Cleveland MS
1-14Leon PinsonHe'll Understand and Say Well DoneVestEb+67 09/18Cleveland MS
1-15Houston StackhouseBig Road BluesDrop-DC#+67 09/18Dundee MS
1-16Houston StackhouseCool Water BluesEEb+67 09/18Dundee MS
1-17Houston StackhouseBig Fat Mama BluesAAb+67 09/18Dundee MS
1-18Houston StackhouseTake A Little Walk With MeEEb+67 09/18Dundee MS
1-19Big Joe WilliamsEveryone Got A WomanSpanBb63Chicago IL
1-20Big Joe WilliamsWhat She Need with A RoosterSpanBb63Chicago IL
1-21Big Joe WilliamsSink or SwimSpanBb63Chicago IL
1-22Big Joe WilliamsPrison BoundSpanBb63Chicago IL
1-23John Lee ZieglerWho's Gonna Be Your ManVest sldG+78 lateKathleen GA
1-24John Lee ZieglerIf I Lose, Let Me LoseVestG+78 lateKathleen GA
1-25Othar TurnerBlack WomanVestC#+67 08/24Como MS
1-26Othar TurnerBumble BeeVestC#+67 08/24Como MS
2-01Lonzie ThomasRabbit On A LogVestD+80s earlyLee County AL
2-02Lonzie ThomasRaise a Ruckus TonightVestD+80s earlyLee County AL
2-03Lonzie ThomasMy Three WomenSpanF#80s earlyLee County AL
2-04Lonzie ThomasRed Cross StoreVestD+80s earlyLee County AL
2-05Sleepy John EstesRats in the KitchenAB+62Brownsville TN
2-06Sleepy John EstesSpecial AgentAB+62Brownsville TN
2-07Sleepy John EstesTrying To SeeGA+62Brownsville TN
2-08Sleepy John EstesMail Man BluesGA+62Brownsville TN
2-09Teddy WilliamsDown Home BluesDrop-DE67 09/16Canton MS
2-10Teddy WilliamsCatfish BluesED+67 09/16Canton MS
2-11Teddy WilliamsBlack MattieEF-67 09/16Canton MS
2-12Teddy WilliamsSun Don't ShineABb+67 09/16Canton MS
2-13Green PaschalTrouble Brought Me DownVest sldD-69Talbotton GA
2-14Green PaschalMy LordVest sldD-69Talbotton GA
2-15Green PaschalMother Is DeadVest sldC#+69Talbotton GA
2-16Green PaschalLay My Burden DownVest sldC#+69Talbotton GA
2-17Green PaschalYour Close FriendVest sldC#+69Talbotton GA
2-18Green PaschalI'm Going to Leave it.. (1)Vest sldC#+69Talbotton GA
2-19William Do Boy DiamondHard Time BluesVestB+67 09/15Canton MS
2-20William Do Boy DiamondJust Want to Talk With YouSpanF-67 09/15Canton MS
2-21Dewey Corley, Walter MillerJust I Dream I got on my MindAA67 sumMemphis TN
2-22Dewey Corley, Walter MillerMemphis is a Wonderful CityABb67 sumMemphis TN
2-23Dewey Corley, Walter MillerDown to ArkansasABb67 sumMemphis TN
2-24Bud GrantRock Me MamaEF+69 sprThomaston GA
2-25Bud GrantFreight Train BluesAG#69 sprThomaston GA
2-26Bud GrantSo SweetAG+69 sprThomaston GA
2-27Bud GrantBud Grant's GruntEF+69 sprThomaston GA
3-01Bud WhiteGo Ahead OnEF+69 02/02Richland GA
3-02Bud WhiteYou've Been Gone So LongEF+69 02/02Richland GA
3-03Bud WhiteWhite HorsesX-noteEb+69 02/02Richland GA
3-04George Henry BusseyWhen I'm Sober I'm Drunk BluesGF#-69Waverly Hall GA
3-05George Henry BusseyMean MistreaterEEb-69Waverly Hall GA
3-06George Henry BusseyBlues Around My BedEC#69Waverly Hall GA
3-07George Henry BusseyLooking For My WomanAE+69Waverly Hall GA
3-08Jim BunkleyOld Red #2Vest sldD+69Geneva GA
3-09Jim BunkleyJack of DiamondsSpanF+69Geneva GA
3-10Jim BunkleyThem Greasy GreensAG+69Geneva GA
3-11Jim BunkleyRocking ChairEEb+69Geneva GA
3-12Tom TurnerOld BreakdownEC#+67 09/06Columbus MS
3-13Tom TurnerDrop Down Mama # 1SpanG#+67 09/06Columbus MS
3-14James Shorter (2)Search Me Lorda.capAb+67 08/02Senatobia MS
3-15James ShorterMy Mother Died and Left Mea.capE67 08/02Senatobia MS
3-16James ShorterConsolationa.capE+67 08/02Senatobia MS
3-17James ShorterHome Goinga.capG-67 08/02Senatobia MS
3-18Abe McNeilBetter Than MyselfGAb+62, 67 sumMemphis TN.. (8)
3-19Abe McNeilSteady Rollin' ManGAb+62, 67 sumMemphis TN.. (8)
3-20Abe McNeil (3)Drink, Drink, DrinkEE62, 67 sumMemphis TN.. (8)
3-21Joe CallicottCountry BluesCB+67 09/01Nesbit MS
3-22Joe CallicottRiver BluesEEb-67 09/01Nesbit MS
3-23Johnny Woods (4)3 O'Clock in the MorningX harp, Vest sldF-67 08/26Senatobia MS
3-24Johnny Woods (4)I's Be TroubledX harp, Vest sldF-67 08/26Senatobia MS
4-01Robert DiggsSomeday BabyX harpE67 sumFriar's Point MS
4-02Robert DiggsRacehorse CharlestonX harpE67 sumFriar's Point MS
4-03Robert DiggsDone Lost My HealthX harpE67 sumFriar's Point MS
4-04Robert DiggsDrive Your CarE (gtr), X harpE67 sumFriar's Point MS
4-05Cliff ScottWoke Up This MorningSpan sldBb 69 03/24Draneville GA
4-06Cliff ScottLong Wavy HairVest sldE 69 03/24Draneville GA
4-07Cliff ScottPlease Come HomeAG#- 69 03/24Draneville GA
4-08Cliff ScottPole Pattin'GG#- 69 03/24Draneville GA
4-09Jimmy Lee HarrisI Wanna RambleVestE 80s earlyPhenix City AL
4-10Jimmy Lee HarrisSitting Here Looking 1000 Miles AwayVestE-80s earlyPhenix City AL
4-11R. L. BurnsideJust Like a Bird Without A FeatherEC+67 08/24Coldwater MS
4-12R. L. BurnsideSkinny WomanSpanG+67 08/24Coldwater MS
4-13R. L. BurnsideGoin' Down SouthEC#67 08/24Coldwater MS
4-14R. L. BurnsidePoor Black MattieSpanF#67 08/24Coldwater MS
4-15Robert JohnsonHold My Body DownVest sldD- 69 07/02Skene MS
4-16Robert JohnsonTrying to Make It HomeVest sldD 69 07/02Skene MS
4-17Robert JohnsonPrecious LordVest sldD 69 07/02Skene MS
4-18Robert JohnsonHe'll Make a WayVestD 69 07/02Skene MS
4-19Robert LongstreetSugar MamaX harpE67 sumStarkville MS
4-20Robert LongstreetBlack GalX harpE67 sumStarkville MS
4-21Robert LongstreetSloppy DrunkX harpE67 sumStarkville MS
4-22Robert LongstreetDecoration DayX harpE67 sumStarkville MS
4-23Fred McDowell (5)Shake 'Em On DownVest sld, X harpE-67 08/26Senatobia MS
4-24Fred McDowell (5)Mama Says I'm CrazyVest sld, X harpE-67 08/26Senatobia MS
5-01John Henry BarbeeThat Ain't ItEE-63Chicago IL
5-02John Henry BarbeeGonna Lose Your MindEE-63Chicago IL
5-03Albert Macon & Robert ThomasFlat Foot BoogieEEb80s earlySociety Hill AL
5-04Albert Macon & Robert ThomasMama Can I Lay It DownEEb+80s earlySociety Hill AL
5-05Albert Macon & Robert ThomasHow Can You Do ItAAb+80s earlySociety Hill AL
5-06Jessie Clarence GormanJohn HenryVest sldD-69 sprThomaston GA
5-07Jessie Clarence GormanGoin' Up to the Country #1VestE69 sprThomaston GA
5-08Jessie Clarence GormanGoin' Up to the Country #2VestE69 sprThomaston GA
5-09Will ShadeDirty DozensEE-62Memphis TN
5-10Will ShadeWon't You Send Me JohnCB+62Memphis TN
5-11Will ShadeWine Headed ManEE-62Memphis TN
5-12Will Shade (6)K. C. BluesG (tnr gtr), X harpG-62Memphis TN
5-13Georgia Fife & Drum BandEvery Time I Come Aroundn/aAb+69Waverly Hall GA
5-14Georgia Fife & Drum BandJ. W.'s Specialn/aBb/Db69Waverly Hall GA
5-15Georgia Fife & Drum BandOld Hen Cackle n/aA69Waverly Hall GA
5-16Georgia Fife & Drum BandBuck Dancen/an/a69Waverly Hall GA
5-17Como Fife & Drum BandHey Freddien/aE67Como MS
5-18Como Fife & Drum BandLate in the Eveningn/aE67Como MS
5-19Como Fife & Drum BandPunky Tonyn/aE67Como MS
5-20Como Fife & Drum BandShimmy She Wan/aF#+67Como MS
5-21Maxwell Street JimmyYou Got to Reap What You SowEE-63Chicago IL
5-22Maxwell Street JimmyEverything's Gonna Be AlrightEEb+63Chicago IL
5-23Precious BryantThat's the Way the Good Thing GoEF#69Waverly Hall GA
5-24Precious BryantGeorgia BuckCBb69Waverly Hall GA
5-25Precious BryantWhen the Saints Go Marching InEC#+69Waverly Hall GA
5-26Rosa Lee HillPork & BeansEC#67 08/23Como MS
5-27Rosa Lee HillCount the Days I'm GoneX-noteBb+67 08/23Como MS
5-28Rosa Lee HillRoll & TumbleX-noteC#+67 08/23Como MS
5-29Rosa Lee HillBullying WellX-noteE67 08/23Como MS
6-01Furry LewisGood Morning Judge   Vest sldC#+62Memphis TN
6-02Furry LewisFurry Lewis' Careless LoveVest sldC62Memphis TN
6-03Jimmy Lee WilliamsWhat Make Grandpa Love Grandma SoVest sldEb-77Porlan GA
6-04Jimmy Lee WilliamsHave You Ever Seen PeachesVest sldC#77Porlan GA
6-05J. W. WarrenHoboing Into HollywoodDC#-81 82Ariton GA
6-06J. W. WarrenSundown BluesAG#-81 82Ariton GA
6-07J. W. WarrenRabbit On A LogVestB-81 82Ariton GA
6-08J. W. WarrenYou're Gonna Miss MeVestF#-81 82Ariton GA
6-09Eddie HarrisHouse on the HillEE80s earlyPhenix City AL
6-10Eddie HarrisI Have to Love SomebodyEE80s earlyPhenix City AL
6-11James DavisOld Country Rock #1FG70s lateHenderson GA
6-12James DavisInstrumental #1EG70s lateHenderson GA
6-13James DavisWho Stole the Lock off the Henhouse Door?EG70s lateHenderson GA
6-14James DavisInstrumental #4EG70s lateHenderson GA
6-15Robert NighthawkCanned HeatGG67 08/28Dundee MS
6-16Robert NighthawkNighthawk BoogieEEb+67 08/28Dundee MS
6-17Robert NighthawkDown by the WoodshedGG-67 08/28Dundee MS
6-18Jessie Mae HemphillHome Goingn/aF#67 08/?Dundee MS
6-19Jessie Mae HemphillI Want to be Readyn/aB-67 08/?Dundee MS
6-20Jessie Mae HemphillInterviewn/an/a67 08/?Dundee MS
7-01Jessie Lee VortisMiss MaybelleSpanF#-unkunk
7-02Jessie Lee VortisWhen My Baby Got On BoardSpanF#unkunk
7-03George HollisThem Greasy Greens #1F (gtr), unk (vln)Ebunkunk
7-04George HollisRock and Roll to Milledgevilleunk (vln)Ebunkunk
7-05Willie RockomoBlack Rat SwingAAunkunk
7-06Bruce Upshaw (7)Tease Me Baby #2X harpAunkunk
7-07Bruce Upshaw (7)Someday Baby #1X harpAunkunk
7-08Willie Rockomo Wonder Why My Baby Treat Me so BadGGunkunk
7-09Bruce UpshawRosa LeeX harpAunkunk
7-10Buddy HubbardI Got A WomanVest sldEb-unkunk
7-11Buddy HubbardSo SweetVestF#+unkunk
7-12Ira "Tiny" ConeyYou're Gonna Miss MeAF#+unkunk
7-13Ira "Tiny" ConeyMamieAF#+unkunk
7-14Ira "Tiny" ConeyI'm So LonesomeAF#+unkunk
7-15Eddie HodgeBlood Red RiverX-noteEb-unkunk
7-16Eddie HodgeSitting on Top of the WorldVest sldD+unkunk
7-17Eddie HodgeGlory HallelujahVest sldD+unkunk
7-18Pettis SistersJesus is Coming Back to MeFFunkunk
7-19Pettis SistersBound for ZionEflatEbunkunk
7-20Houston & Sara Mae StovallYou Told Me BabyEEunkunk
7-21Houston & Sara Mae StovallSweet as an Apple on a TreeX harpEunkunk
7-22Houston & Sara Mae StovallJuke #2X harpEunkunk
7-23Houston & Sara Mae StovallWoke Up this MorningEEunkunk
7-24Houston & Sara Mae StovallTell Me You Love MeAAunkunk

1 = Full title is "I'm Going to Leave it in the Hands of the Lord"; 2 = w/Jessie Mae Hemphill; 3 = hambone, clapping w/Robert Diggs, harp and vcl; 4 = w/Fred McDowell; 5 = w/Johnny Woods; 6 = w/Charlie Burse; 7 = w/Willie Rockomo (gtr); 8 = & Friar's Point, MS