Tom Cat Blues-Blind Boy Fuller

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Tom Cat Blues-Blind Boy Fuller
Blind Boy Fuller, vocal and guitar in E position, standard tuning


You's a dirty mistreater, don't mean your man no good
Gwonna quit you this mornin', gwonna leave your neighborhood

Now I used to, have a woman, had her front teeth is crowned with gold
I wouldn't mistreat my baby, not to save nobody's soul

Now I told, you, mama, you been mistreatin' me every way
Sun gwonna shine in my back door someday

Now the sun, is shinin', in Blind Boy Fuller's door today
I ain't got many dollars but things sure is comin' my way


Now I used to, have a woman, make a passenger train, jump the rails
Got a hard-head gal, mama, make a tomcat heist [sic] his tail

Now, rider, I told you, when you were doin' me mean
Gwonna quit you, gal, goin' back to New Orleans

Now I got, me a woman, she rolls all over the bed
She got the kind of lovin' make a man talk out his head


What you want, with a woman, can't cheat, beg, robbin' or steal?
When you get in trouble, she can't bring you a decent meal

I got a new, way of lovin', woman, you know I think it must be best
These here women up the country, won't let Blind Boy Fuller rest



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