Trembling Blues

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Trembling Blues-Charlie Pickett
Charlie Pickett, vocal and guitar in G position, standard tuning, Lee Brown, piano, Hammie Nixon, harmonica


Now, I'm trembling, now, I'm trembling, Lord, I won't tremble here, no long, Lord
Now, I'm trembling now, baby, I, won't tremble here no long
Now, said we were together, we were trembling all day long

Lord, I rolled, rolled this morning, Lord, I was feelin' for my shoes, babe
Lord, I rolled this morning, mama, feeling for my shoes
Now, I didn't have nothin', babe, but these worried blues

I say, run here, run here, rider, babe, and set down, on my knee, Lord
I say, run here, rider, please set down on my knee
I'll, then, let me tell you, babe, how you treatin' me

Now, you know you treat, treat me dirty, says, you know you treat me mean, baby
I say, you treat me dirty, babe, and you treat me mean
Now, you treat me just like, a man you never seen

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