Trouble Hearted Blues, Take 2

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Trouble Hearted Blues, Take 2-Ishmon Bracey
A position, standard tuning


Down so long, down don't worry me
I been down so long, Lord, down don't worry me

Don't b'lieve I'm sinkin', see what a hole I'm in
You don't b'lieve I love you, Lord, think what a fool I've been

Went to the graveyard (Spoken: Lord have mercy!) fell down on my knees
Hollered, "Lord have mercy, on this lonesome place."

Thousand people (Spoken: Rock church, rock!) 'round the buryin' ground
Just to see them, won't you Lord, let my rider down

Felt so sorry (Spoken: Good, good, good!) 'til they let her down
Lord, my heart struck sorrow, tears come rollin' down

Love you, mama, 'til the sea go dry
Lord, I love you, rider, Lord, 'til the day you die

Anybody aks you, who wrote this worried song
Anybody aks you, who wrote this worried song
Tell 'em you don't know the writer, he plays to have 'is, have his song


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