Untrue Blues

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Untrue Blues-Blind Boy Fuller
A position, standard tuning, with Bull City Red, washboard

I give you my money, what more can I do
You's a good little girl, Lord, but you won't be true

Everyday, Mama, Lord, when I draw my pay
You's a evil hearted woman, get drunk and throw it away

Now you doggin' me, mama, ain't did a thing to you
Then you keep on doggin', no telling what I'll do

Now you dog me every morning, give me the devil late at night
Just the way you doggin' me, I ain't gonna treat you right (spoken: Yeah!)

SOLO (Spoken during solo: Yeah!)

Hey hey, hey hey, hey, aw shucks
Used to be your regular, now I've got to be your dog

Then I'll be your dog, if you don't dog me around
’Fore I take your doggin’, woman, I'll go from town to town (Spoken: Yeah!)


Now it’s the way, treat Blind Boy Fuller, give me bed to lie
Then I give you my lovin' Lord, 'til the day I die

Hey hey, hey hey, mm-mm
Mm-mm, Lord, Lordy, Lord

When you see me coming, throw your man outdoors
Says, I ain't no stranger, I've been here before

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