Woman, Woman Blues

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Woman, Woman Blues - Ishmon Bracey
E position, standard tuning

Woman, woman, woman, woman
Lord, what'n the world you trying to do?
Crazy baby you treat me
Break my heart in two

I got a woman, good little woman
She's got coal black, curly hair
Now and every time she smile, Lord,
Lightning's everywhere

Now got a woman, good little woman
She ain't a thing but a stavin' chain
See, she's a married woman and I'm
Scared to call her name

Treat me like, treat your baby
Won't you take me, 'round and 'round?
Says when you let me down, Lord,
Take me down and 'round

Now these blues, blues ain't nothin'
Lord, but a doggone hungry spell
Got no money in your pocket and you
Barely keep it here

And I went, went to the depot
Lord, I read up on the board
Says your baby ain't here she's a
Long ways up the road

I got to settin', settin' down studyin'
'Bout my old time used-to-be
Lord, I studied so hard 'til the
Blues crept up on me

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